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Comments from guests who have stayed at our Log Cabins in Concrete, Washington.

"Just cannot put a price on location and the outdoor experience. The effort you go thru to make our three year old feel at home and on a farm in the mountains... priceless" Aaron, Nakia and Brexlyn
"This was a marvelous place to stay. It rested our souls as well as our bodies. All we needed was here. Wish we could have stayed longer. Thank you!" Alan & Shirley
"I love the privacy your lovely floral gardens provide between the cabins and the awesome majestic mountain views from our dining room table. The serenity is unmatchable! The cabin is a home away from home!" Shirley, Lakewood, WA
"The only complaint is that we only stayed one night. Peacefulness is priceless." Jeremy & Shana
"One of the nicest places we've ever stayed. Certainly best place in the North Cascades." Asburn, VA
"Just a quick note to thank you and your family for allowing our family to tour your lovely property. The kids gained a work of knowledge helping Beth and "Annie" the yellow lab. She explained the workings of the ranch, introduced them to the horses, cows and chickens and allowed them to pick berries and peas. It was a great experience for the "city kids" and was the highlight of their stay. Thank you again." The G's from San Diego, CA
"Beautiful here as always, such a tranquil, family friendly place." Alina, Bellingham, WA
"Fantastic beef! It was wonderful to grill steaks from the ranch each night." Jamie & Vance, CT
" Comfortable, quiet, relaxing home away from home. The views were awesome. Thank you." Pat, Casselberry, FL
"Bottom Line: We will be back. Probably several times. Truly one of the nicest places we've stayed. The entire experience is enhanced because you seemingly thought of everything!" Aaron & Nakia, Silverdale, WA
"This was the best lodging experience we've had as a family. Outstanding cleanliness, courtesy and service! Thank you." Mark and family, Colorado Springs, CO
"Absolutely the best spur of the moment MOMENT in our trip so far! Will recommend and will definitely come again-great place for a family reunion." Scott & Patricia, Littleton, CO
"Just letting you know that last night I christened one of Steve Murray's plates with your New York steak and LOVED it. Grass-fed is the only way I eat beef and I eat quite a bit of it, so you now have another expert opinion on your wonderful beef. Thank you too cows. Thank you too Eleanor and Kris for a lovely overnight. Next time it needs to be longer, of course." Juliana
Please contact Ovenell's Heritage Inn Log Cabins, Guesthouses & Historic Ranch at 360-853-8494.
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